Zara's Updated Visual Merchandising Techniques

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to write a little post about Zara and how they are still using Visual Merchandising as a form of marketing and sales techniques online and how they are standing out from other retailers. I'm not sure if you'd notice just by shopping but where it is something I look into a lot for my course and work, there are currently not many models throughout online websites due to the pandemic. I know you're thinking, 'well, obviously Mitchell we're in lockdown', but many retailers are just showing the product in a plain background, which if I'm honest, I prefer as you can se the product as it is.

Zara have used wired and props to photograph products which is super cool. Here is some screenshots of what they have been doing.

See more on the Zara website and app! I definitely think that this style of visual merchandising will be beneficial to Zara even after lockdown. It gives the app and website more of an editorial and creative feel. I love it! I've been checking Zara daily to see what new stuff they have and think their VM is very effective, especially during the pandemic.