Zara Bluewater Store: My Opinion & Pictures

Zara Bluewater has finally reopened and I have been meaning to go round there since it opened when we came out of Lockdown 2. I didn't realise it was going to be a concept store until recently, and I must say the store fit itself is sooo dreamy. I would literally live in the store if I could!

After discussing the store with some people from work, who said they found the store difficult to shop due to minimal sizes being on the shop floor, I managed to find my size myself but I can imagine that was just luck.


Instead of using mannequins Zara is using other equipment to hold up outfits which is really cool, and are using trending pieces when styling their outfits.

Visual Merchandising

To give the whole concept feel they use wood in their walls to create the sense of prestige and a polished finish. Luxe carpets are also used throughout the store to give the same feel. When working on Saturday I couldn't help but notice the Zara queue, yet it being fairly empty inside. I can imagine this is to really give the customer the quality 'concept store' appearance, there's nothing worse than trying to shop in a pandemic with other customers up in your face.... and we are all already so uncomfortable having to wear these masks!

Plants are used throughout the store, and they are pretty big ones too. Studies suggest that plants make people spend money. The green gives off a signal in the brain which creates the feeling of safety (because plants provide oxygen) therefore making the store a more relaxed environment for customers to shop.

Shop fit

I only went to mens, kids and home but omg what an upgrade! Zara home just gives me life, I have only ever been to one Zara home store and that was when I was in Paris last year. I am so glad they have included home in their refit as I just love the aesthetic it gives me life.

Zara has basically extended sideways and backwards, so the store is literally huge. I would LOVE to do VM for Zara Bluewater, I would find it so aesthetically pleasing. There is also an own section for diffusers, like a little room, and it smells SO good.

The stock itself is newer than older stores, I can imagine that newer stores get better products, that is kind of how Primark works, the bigger and newer the store is the higher graded you are and the more products you can get in store. You can definitely see that for Zara Bluewater. There also is self checkouts at Zara Bluewater - this isn't a super new concept to Zara itself but is new to Bluewater which is great if you cba to speak to anyone!