Why Use 21 Buttons?

So.. on this blog and over my social media, especially Instagram you have probably noticed me share a lot of information about 21 Buttons, so I thought I would explain 21 Buttons in a little bit more detail for you and why it is such an amazing social media platform to have.

What is 21 Buttons do you ask?

21 Buttons is a fairly new social media platform, mainly based on fashion and a relationship with affiliate marketing. 21 Buttons is an app where consumers and platform users can share their outfits, and tag 'buttons' which link the image to a retailer or brand, and a specific product. If someone purchases this product through your 21 Buttons 'Button' or link, you will gain between 4% and 6% commission on this. If you've seen this logo on my website, it is the link to my 21 Buttons page!


So, if you read my previous post on Pinterest you will know I am hot on inspiration right now. If you haven't read it, you can read it, click HERE. I use a variety of sources for inspiration, my three main Inspo sites are 21 Buttons, Pinterest and Instagram. 21 Buttons is my main sources for fashion and styling as it is solely fashion based and therefore I won't be distracted by home or lifestyle bits and bobs like I do easily on Instagram and Pinterest. It is great because you can create 'closets' which are basically different boards of pictures you like for inspiration. For example, you may have 'streetwear inspiration' or 'graduation outfit inspiration' as different closets. It is similar to the 'saved' feature on Instagram and 'Favourite / Boards' Feature on ASOS. It is a platform which can be classed as a hybrid between a retailing website and a social media platforms, which obviously is how a lot of platforms are heading now anyway with Instagram and Facebook Marketplace.

A Way to make money - if you can put your mind to it and gain a following

Now, I never said it was an easy way to make money, I have basically earned nothing through 21 Buttons and my social platform gains a few thousand views. It is odd actually, although it is so similar to Instagram, the way consumers use the platform is rather different, people don't like and comment as much as they do on Instagram, even influencers with verified ticks only get about 12 likes but thousands of views, so it's rather odd if you're not open minded with NEW social media platforms

Like I said before, you can make a commission through 21 Buttons, between 4% and 6%. This isn't high but if daily a few people buy your looks, and you post daily it can be a few extra penny's for just actively using a different social media platform. If you have 10K followers on Instagram too, you can easily link your 21 Buttons in your story using the swipe up feature, which is perhaps a lot easier for followers to buys something you wear in comparison to going on your bio and clicking a link (it's a little bit more influential shall we say).

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of influencer marketing. Brands give these influencers or social media users a trackable link, personalised to the individual and therefore customers who shop through it and make a person can be tracked to that influencer. The brand or retailer will give that influencer a percentage of the profit as they perhaps wouldn't have made that purchase without the influence or that person. This is a different form of marketing to gifting by the way.

You may be aware I have recently become an affiliate for Topman, so if you are looking to buy anything through Topman please purchase through my affiliate link HERE! These products are currently on the website (besides the Air Forces, I just thought they was a cool trainer you could style them with, these can be found on JD or FootLocker (not an affiliate for these brands btw)).

Create Wishlists

Obviously, we've discussed about making money via the app, and gaining inspiration, but do you ever see something on social media and REALLY want it, but can never find it? That's no issue with 21 Buttons as you can click the button and find the product straight away, so you can use it as a platform to spend money as well as make money.

If you are waiting for pay day or are just uncertain on a purchase you really want, you can also create a Wishlist, which you can go back to at a later date. It is also good to keep track of sales and discounts applied to certain products.

Share Your Profile!

21 Buttons has this amazing feature to share your profile to other social media sites. Most social sites don't have this feature, I guess because they'd rather keep you on their platform and engage on there rather than on other social platforms, but it gives different templates depending on which platform you'd like to share your profile to, to expose your profile, boards, buttons and feed to another audience. These can be shared to Instagram (Post or Story) and WhatsApp, or you can send the photo to other social platforms or just save the image of your profile.

How can I get the best experience from 21 Buttons?

I used Instagram as a major inspiration for my 21 Buttons. You want to create a theme. Use the same filters, and maybe start integrating photographs which aren't pictures of you to your feed, to break up selfies and create an aesthetic. These can still be products. No where does it say you MAY ONLY post fashion, it is just the sole purpose of the app. Why Not try and upload some makeup, skincare products, technology or just flat lays to break up your photos and create an aspirational theme.

Tag as many products as you can. I have never reached a buttons limit, but just make sure you tag everything in your picture, including down to jewellery and accessories. If you can't find the product or it has sold out, tag something similar, it could still make a sale and you could gain commission.

Share your profile on social media as much as possible, explain the good things about the platform and someone you know may download it and love it too!

Use relevant hashtags. Now hashtags are hard work on 21 Buttons, I'm not quite sure how they work on 21 Buttons as they aren't optimised the same way as Instagram, but I know they definitely help your profile to be seen. I research my hashtags thoroughly, I find it easier to on Instagram but there are ways of doing this on 21 Buttons, look on similar hashtags and write them down in a document. I make 5 hashtag lists and change between these different hashtag lists so different people are more likely to view my profile.

You can download 21 Buttons on your App Store for free!

I hope this post helps you understand the amazing tool, 21 Buttons and if you decide you want to download it, follow me here!

Ask me any questions if you need to! Always here!

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