Why is Pinterest so important in 2021?

Pinterest is still one of the main forms of growth on social media - especially for business. Creating your own pins and tagging a destination link can lead to a higher brand awareness or sales if you are a business. As an influencer - you are a business.

I add all of my outfit pictures on Pinterest and add destination links to either my Blog, Instagram or my LikeToKnow.It account - and I get 14k monthly viewers which is amazing! Even if people don't interact with my content or go to the link that's still 14k people my blog / insta / 'shoppable' outfits are exposed to, and imagine if all of those people were to click the destination link! Amazing.

I also repurpose my Reels and Tiktoks to Pinterest - I didn't know this was a thing until my fabulous friend Kelsey, owner of Catching Creatives told me! Due to video content not being as vastly known as photo content, it seems to do better - kind of like reels and IGTV do better on Instagram rather than photos.

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I love getting fashion, home and lifestyle inspo from Pinterest - it is my first point of call always. I also use Pinterest to get my filler pics on Instagram. As it is hard to get consent I always make sure to tag Pinterest and state it is a REGRAM so that people know the images aren't taken by me. I can't wait to be able to go out and get so much photography content for my filler pics after COVID!

It's also so different to Instagram and Facebook and is actually not owned by Facebook - so it's a breathe of fresh air for me!!

If you wanna know more about Pinterest - reach out to me on my socials or on the comments box on this site!