What's On My Fashion Wishlist at the mo?

1. Acne Studios Baker Bag

I am obsessed with Acne Studios Aesthetic right now and it is giving me life. I know minimalism is a trend in itself, but I think Acne Studios is an aesthetic in its own right. I've seen the Small Baker Bag and just think it would look so nice with some of the outfits I've got in mind for after lockdown. I've also been wanting a nice designer bag for ages, so why not treat myself.

2. Balenciaga Triple S

I have wanted some Balenciaga's for some time now, and seeing them splattered all over social media in lockdown isn't helping my 'splash the cash' urges. Neutral and Beige tones are trending at the moment and they look super cool on Balenciaga's, they definitely are an investment though! Let me know if anyone knows where is best to get them from!

3. Nike Air Force 1

I know you're all thinking, 'they're affordable AF', but I can't decide which design I want lol. I am going to post a few pics, comment what you think I should get!

Let me know what you think! Or if you have any suggestions you think I should add to my Wishlist!