What I have been up to at work (Visual Merchandising Update)

I done this Licensed Pyjama wall on a night shift last week, it took absolutely ages but am so happy with the result and my manager said it looked 'strong' too which made me more confident with it! I found it hard at the beginning as I had so many different stories to put into one wall, every time I laid the wall and fixtures it looked fragmented. We had Winnie The Pooh (Cherry Pink & Oatmeal), Toy Story 4 (Blue, white & Pink), Lion King (Orange & Yellow), Lilo & Stitch (Blue and Red, and Pink and blue) and the list goes on.. to fit into one wall. I managed to do it in the end after many attempts! I wish we had full stories though, it would have looked so much better, but I could only work with what I had at the time! Here is a few pics.

On Sunday I was asked to rework Wellness (Our Sustainably Sourced Collection) which was moved on our night shift too, My manager wanted it too look more boutique-like. I reworked smaller items on shelves and bars between clothing to make it look more like this, and took off any fragmented pieces as it is more of a premium range. I enjoyed doing this actually, and working new-lines into the wall, I really want to work on the new Wellness range when it feeds its way into store as it is quite an aesthetically pleasing range. A few managers commented on how much better it looked after a few tweaks and I was super pleased with this feedback. Here is a few pictures from the updated Wellness Wall.

(I'm aware those two sets are 'swinging' but I wanted to take a pic before the wall was trashed as we was already open at this point).

We also recently launched the Kem Collection in store and he actually done a store visit on Wednesday! We all worked so hard on the trend and he and our area managers were super happy with it! Here are a few pics from the Kem x Primark Man collaboration.

I need to take more pictures of the bits I do at work I have done quite a bit since I've been back!