VM Updates - Primark Bluewater

God! Looking through my photos for this post has been sad as the store has only been open a couple of weeks and all of the nice feature walls and fixtures we have done have ALL completely changed due to being heavily shopped! Here are some boomerangs and pictures of some work I have done since being back to work!

1. Menswear Gaming wall

2. Primark Wellness

This collection is doing so well for us, it is my favourite collection Primark has done as I love the aesthetic behind it and I think that's why it's been so popular! The collection is a mix between pj's, loungewear, beauty (body care) and these are across mens women and children, although mens has sold out already and kids has too, so it is mainly a womenswear collection. Here is the wall laid, I didn't manage to get a picture of the wall filled.

3. Christmas Novelty

Last weekend if you saw my story you'd be aware that our Christmas trend was heavily shopped and we had no Christmas jumpers left. Me and Megan needed to rework it.

4. Silk Underwear

5. Denim wall

6. Tonal M5 Fixture

Obviously I done a lot more than this but these are the only bits I managed to get photos of!