VM Trend Update 21/09/20

Hey guys just a little visual update this week as I haven't done too much this week where I am in the cash office. So just some news, I will be going to Primark Chatham next week for a few weeks to look after the VM while their visual merchandiser is on bolster opening the new Southend Store, I'm super excited to add this to my experience list as I'll be the only vm there and it is some networking also. Hopefully I will be able to get lots of pics for my blog as they also have updated equipment compared to my store!

So Monday both trends were relaunched at Primark Bluewater. Due to COVID, stock has been quite difficult to get in store and maintain as stock becomes unavailable and we have to swap stock out. I'm not sure why but whenever I swap product out it always seems to look worse and I end up hating the walls or fixtures that I swap things out with lol. I think it's because in my head I know something else is meant to be there, I don't know.

So this weekend I looked at the most recent style guide and realised that we actually have a lot of stock in store which is meant to be in our priority one trend which isn't in there. So I was just going to swap out the bits which weren't available to order or didn't really go with the look etc. Well Monday morning I ended up stripping the whole of trend and starting again lol, I just find it so much easier. The point of the trend was to showcase a lot of our sustainable products including denim and coats which I have managed to sample. I'm very happy with how it turned out, here are some of the pictures I managed to take on the day! Hopefully Saturday I will be able to take better photos to re-upload.