Visual Merchandising Update!

Where I've been doing a lot of overtime now that I have finished uni I thought id show you some of the bits I have been up to!

So I done a night shift a couple of weeks ago as all of womenswear moved around! Here's some boomerangs of some walls I was doing (blouses feature wall and smart coats feature wall)

Before the black and white print went into the wall it was on the dress cluster which sold a bit better than when it was in the wall. I also merchandised the blouse fixture to flow from a mustard and navy trend I launched (I didn't get any pics of this :( )

I had to redo the first wall the week after as the print wasn't selling too well in our store. I redone this with a dress I knew was selling really well and my manager sampled some colours which fit around this dress. (I also made Maria buy the dress lol as I knew it would suit her).

We have had some new lines in for Wellness which is Primark's sustainable range, I reworked this the other day as a lot of the table product was unavailable and I wanted to make it more of a boutique look. It has changed slightly since these photos where I've moved things to make room for the new pyjamas but it isn't much different. Instead of greys it is more beiges and oatmeals within this launch - I hope they being out some beige and ecru menswear as I love the Primark Man boxy tees!

I've been really bad at taking photos of what I've done at work recently lol I need to get better at this! About a month ago I did some walls in ladies pyjamas which I was really happy with which you can see below and we had some new Stranger Things menswear product in which I also launched a couple of weeks ago.

I also done a window not long ago too, it isn't an advance window which we normally do but just thought I would upload with the rest of the pictures anyway!

The past few weekends I have relayed denim a few times and created slat walls to flow with the feature wall. First I used overstock to create this blouse and denim look

I then have recently relayed this with checks, jersey and coats

I hope you like these posts of what I get up to at work!