Updated Instagram feature! Read this if you want to grow & develop your page!

So as you will know I post pretty much daily to instagram, it is my chosen favourite platform and think it has the most features any social platform has. I feel like Instagram is your personal shop window (or brands - depending what your page is utilised for).

In early 2020 - Instagram introduced Instagram Guides to select accounts - I hadn't a clue about them back then but based on research I think they was mainly used as wellbeing guides because of everything going on. Later in 2020, they was rolled out to ALL users! I jumped on Insta Guides pretty much straight away - I had a break but recently I try and do them more consistently and at least ones a week.

Instagram Guides are so versatile you can use them for pretty much anything It is a way to collate posts into one strip, from your feed, or any other account on Instagram (if they allow this in their settings - if insta guides ins't for you you can change your settings so people can't use your posts in their guides). It is super clean and really gives your page an editorial feel. If you are a blogger like me it is great to collate wish lists, outfit inspiration, tips and pointers on how to style certain outfits and because I LOVE travelling I not long ago created a guide on the places I want to travel after lockdown.

So with this all being said, what is the new feature you ask? Well before recently, although you could publish guides to the guides section on your page, you couldn't engage with the guides themselves. So there was no clue if anyone was even reading my guide as the only way my followers would know I have created one was if they go onto my page and tap guides or if I shared the guide to my story. NOW you can share this to your feed - similar to Reels. The only thing is it doesn't post on your grid, it just shares it on the Instagram feed so your followers can come across and read it instead of it being difficult to find. You can like, comment share and save which is amazing!

This means that people can engage with another section of your Instagram - which I'm sure this means it can increase your engagement rate too!

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