Top 5 Retailers Right Now!

This post is my top 5 retailers at the moment! I know we're in lockdown and I shouldn't be shopping (I have bought a lot less than I would normally I promise), bit these are the retailers I feel are really doing well at the moment, they either are really aesthetically pleasing, have amazing marketing techniques or they're just my favourite brands!

1. Zara

Zara is really one of my favourite brands at the moment. It might just be their simple yet effective product, or their effortless brand image but they are doing amazing at the moment and I just can't help myself but save about 20 items when I go on their app. I must have been feeling very Zara this day at the Fashion Space Gallery. My shirt, trousers and bag are all from Zara lol. The trousers are literally my favourite trousers, they look smart and very street, but are a sort of jersey material so are sooo comfy.

2. Collusion

I know you're probably reading through my blog, seeing Collusion splattered everywhere and thinking, get over yourself. I really do have an obsession with Collusion and have done since it come out. I bought their debut orange splattered coat (and still have it) and was featured on their instagram. I went off-Collusion for a bit last year, and focussed more on boohooMan, but they have been really appealing to me the past few months, and their clothes can be styled nicely with other brands like Zara. Their tee's literally start from £5 and I love the fit and quality, I usually get the size up so it has more of an oversized appearance.

3. Bershka

Another Inditex Brand I know, but I do love Bershka. Although slightly different to Zara, you can definitely see the relation in some of their products. Bershka is another retailer I find I like on and off, but at the moment they're really doing well. I recently purchased some Balloon Jeans from there and they are sooo comfy! They fit the minimalistic trend as they are in a beige tone. I'm so happy with my purchase! They also have really good sales too.. just saying!

4. Acne Studios

Okay.. hear me out. You're probably thinking, 1, high-street, 2, high-street, 3, high-street, 4, high-end? Well I've always had an obsession with Acne Studios and the aesthetic the brand gives. I love going into Selfridges and seeing their products and am always looking online, but I never usually have the money to be able to get anything from there! Well, I have saved for a bag which is coming out soon and I am sooo excited to get it! They do Klarna too, which means I can pay in 3 instalments.. When I get this bag I'll definitely be styling it in almost every pic on this blog and Instagram! Watch this space.

5. boohooMan

boohooMan is a brand I often shop at. There are many products which aren't a bit of me, and their marketing strategy isn't something I would usually go for either, but they do have the odd product which does look amazing, and they are really good for fast-fashion accessories too, I always am getting my coloured sunglasses from boohooMan to complete an outfit.

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