Thee Online Reading Resources You Need to Know

This post is about fashion news, magazines and online publications which I read and which I will stand by and 100% recommend to anyone into fashion and business!

Vogue Business

This is a brilliant site which focusses on fashion news and allows you to get a really good insight and understanding of the fashion retail market. It also gives amazing insight into fashion brands and is a really in depth tool if you are looking for research into a brand for a variety of reasons, like projects for uni or school, collaborations, interest in the products or if you're just interested. They also talk a lot about sustainability and technology which is really helpful if you're into those things. They update their Instagram story with the latest everyday, which is a quick way to stay updated!

Business of Fashion

Similar to Vogue Business, BOF is a really great tool and also offers packages for Students and Premium Packages which offer online courses to improve your growing and developing knowledge! BOF has been running longer than Vogue Business so therefore has more content to devour on their site, and there are different writers therefore there is different content. I would advise reading both and obtaining information from both of these sites to gain a better understanding of your desired research topic. At the moment you can get access to the professional subscription for £1!!

Dazed Online

I am so obsessed with Dazed Magazine, I would LoVe to work for them and produce articles for them. Dazed Online is a really interesting source for articles, they produce a wide range of articles which aren't just fashion, and they discuss mainstream topics but also some niche ones which you probably won't find on many other platforms. It is a great site if you just want some interesting reading and it may spark some sort of inspiration too. I definitely get inspiration from Dazed almost every time I go on their website or read their magazines. You can get the Digital Dazed Magazine for Free at the moment with Billie Eilish as their cover girl.