The First Time I Baked Home-made Gingerbread Men!

If you follow my Instagram you'll be aware that a few weeks ago I baked my first ever gingerbread men! I had so much fun baking them, as I have never baked them before and I usually make the same standard cake, occasionally I'll venture out lol!

So I used this recipe I found online, if you click the link below you will see it.

The Gingerbread Man Recipe I Used

I found that for a first time that it went really well, the only thing I will say is that they was a bit hard. I think I know why though. It was to cook for like 10-15 mins and I think I left them in closer to the 15 minutes, because they was still a bit soft. I think next time I will take them out at 10 mins as when they come out they get harder and solidify anyway, which is why I think mine were super hard!

Here is a few boomerangs I took.

You can even slightly see where they are a little harder in the boomerang but they still were yummy with a cup of tea!!

I got my gingerbread cutters form Amazon and had lots of different shapes! Maybe I should film it when I do it next!