Stylishly Queer Magazine - My Final Major Project

So I finished university on Sunday and it still feels so weird! I am super proud of completing my final major project for so many reasons. I wanted to create something that was personal to me but also reflect my passion for fashion editorial too. This is why I have been soooo inactive on my social media and my blog as I have been trying to get the best grade possible on my degree (I really hope I did I put so much effort into it!).

Being part of the LGBTQ+ Community I wanted to create a magazine where we can celebrate gay fashion as I have observed that it is rarely spoken about and current gay publications only have small sections on fashion. When presenting to new people I always found I would get nervous and am proud that I could speak about a topic so personal and managed to overcome my nerves at the same time.

So this concludes my three years at the Fashion Retail Academy, I started in 2017 to complete a one year Level 4 Fashion Retail (Marketing and Business) Diploma and ended up staying to complete my 2 year fast track degree in Marketing and Communications for Fashion. It's been an amazing, character building experience and my confidence really has grown in the past three years being at FRA too! I am going to create a separate website for my portfolio I think, I have a lot of work I can put into it now, from visual merchandising experience, illustrations, social media and my university work.

I wanted to post the main product of my Final Major project on here, I have referenced everything but so you can see the magazine as a magazine I have taken them out, but all imagery is from online resources! #fashion #graduate #fashionmarketing #fashioneditorial #dissertation #fashiongraduate

Here is Stylishly Queer Magazine issue 1!