Styling Inspo at Selfridges

Hey guys!

I went to Selfridges on Tuesday & took some pics of some stylish mannequins in the mens section! I love looking at how mannequins are styled for layering and styling inspo!

There are lots of monogram prints throughout all of the styling and hints of pastels and acid wash too. I like the fact they style hoodies under sweaters too, I feel like this is very streetwear and something I wanna try in some outfit pics! Rollnecks under hoodies looks quite cool too, it's something you wouldn't think of but actually looks quite nice!

I've noticed lots of balaclava's also in the styling - this may be because of Covid and the whole situation with wearing masks, people are more comfortable to just cover their whole face! I also love the Gucci styling, cords, a track jacket with a shirt. It's effortless but you know it's Gucci.

I might pop into Selfridges next week and get some more styling pics! Or I might try Harrods too, what do you guys think?