Social Media Work For Maria

So I just thought I'd share something I've been working on to help Maria start-up her Make-up Instagram account and I've just been helping her choose an aesthetic, fonts filters and the kind of vibe she wants to have. I created this Moodboard so she could see what kind of thing I had in mind for her based on what I've seen and her kind of personal aesthetic anyway.

Images are from Pinterest, Lime Crime and Ikea.

We put together her new Instagram yesterday and she is ready to post daily too which will hopefully give Maria a brand image and create a following. Here is what we have done so far.

I hope this helps people who are struggling to find an aesthetic theme or where to start when it comes to inspiration. I always like to start with a mood board to get an idea as to where to start, and then I look on Pinterest and 21 Buttons to see trends and trending colours and get inspired. See my blog post about Pinterest HERE and 21 Buttons HERE (they are great inspirational resources).

You can follow Maria's NEW Beauty, Make-Up, Skincare and Inspo account below! Please go and check her out she is super talented.