Sex Education's Impact on Fashion

Guysssss, I'm so late to this party but we go.

So I just finished Sex Education Series 2 on Netflix and just wanted to come on here and argue whether or not the show has had an impact on fashion and style.

I have read articles on styling before, but regarding the show itself. The shows destination is confusing based on their outfits, the school settings and accents. It's hard to tell whether the school is set in England due to accents, and destinations like caravan sites, or America due to the school setting (I personally know of no school that looks like this, lmao) and some of the style including what the sportsman wear, and even the quiz masters, in England we would just wear uniform if we was attending an event like that, so the barriers are very fused.

In this post I'll be discussing three of the most fashionable characters on the show, Maeve, Eric and Aimee. Aimee has a very subtle style which others may not recognise but when you see the mood board you will 100% agree!

Maeve's Style

I wanted to talk style though, and if it has affected the way we dress. Maeve is clearly the most iconic character in Sex Education when it comes to style. Her grunge look really reminds me of the old Tumblr days a few years ago, especially with her blonde to pink dip dyed hair. Her style does give an 80's grunge feel - you'd definitely see her at a garage event!

Here is a moodboard I have created of how I feel Maeve's style is received by viewers.

It's no lie that through the pandemic people have been obsessing over Sex Education, and the recent announcement that Margot Robbie is to play Maeve's older sister definitely created a buzz, especially for such a high profile actress to be playing in a Netflix television series.

Eric's Style

It's no secret that Eric's style is extravagant and I absolutely love that the Stylists have really embodied his character through his style, and also gauge an interesting perspective of his cultural style. Not going to lie, some of the prints he wears together is VERY brave, but it's nothing I haven't seen before on my way to university in London. I 100% couldn't pull this off. Eric often dresses up in drag and makeup and isn't afraid to do so either. Even after being attacked in season 1 (sorry if this is a spoiler, but if you're reading this post you really should have watched it x) he comes back bolder than ever!

Eric is very sure of himself, he is probably one of the only characters in the whole series who is. Eric's style can only be described as out there and beautifully camp! It is very 80's vintage and he often puts his own flare on things, like for prom when he wore his headpiece! This is just what we needed to see him get over what had happened to him. As a part of the LGBTQ+ Community myself - this made me so so happy. I also loved the additional headpiece as it really shows his African descent and that he is proud of it which I just love, and the scene with his dad!! You have to watch it if you haven't, it's just something which must be recognised.

Here is a moodboard of Eric's Style.

It's interesting that Eric's fashion MUST have had an affect on society, because a pink leopard print shirt that he wore sold out on ASOS.

Aimee's Style

Aimee is a vibrant character who likes to see the good in everything. She loves to piece denim with her outfits and usually uses bright colours to enhance her outfits. She also is a fan of a blazer. Here is Aimee's moodboard. She really is one of my favourite characters, she comes across ditsy bit she is so much smarter than she thinks. Also, overcoming what she had to in season 2, the scenes were just so emotional!!

Merchandise Collaborations

A few brands have picked up on the hype of Sex Education and have acted appropriately by creating licensed collections. Pull & Bear being the first to release their collection, in both men and women, and Primark being the second, which is mainly womenswear with 1 menswear line. Here are some of the lines of the collaborations below.

Pull&Bear x Sex Education

Primark x Sex Education

You can 100% see that these collections have been created because of the social impact of the television series, as well as the sell through of products worn by these characters, and the relationships us as viewers can build with these characters, and even the similarities we find too. Personally through social media I have seen a comeback with grunge styles as well as 80's and 90's vintage fashion. This can be due to thrift stores but I have also seen fast fashion stores designing vintage look products which means they are on trend.

I hope you enjoy this slightly longer than usual post! I love writing posts about collaborations and capsules so let me know if you like these!