Retail Review: Acne Studios

As you may know, I am obsessed with Acne Studios! The minimal vibes the brand has just gives me life. TBH, my style is always changing, but recently I have just been really loving natural and beige tones which Acne Studios, Zara, Arket and COS are promoting and selling. I'm not sure if you have heard of 'Trickle-Down Theory' - where high-street brands take inspiration from the runway.

Acne Studios is a High-End, Luxury Street-Inspired brand. They from Stockholm, Sweden. I love Scandinavian country styles, I feel like it is where the minimal street-style has originated from, I recently have been looking at Copenhagen Fashion Week street-style and created a mood board from it which has inspired some of my recent purchases and what is on my Fashion Wishlist.

I just thought it would be beneficial to explain fashion shows real quick, as you might assume that the fashion show is the only product a brand will sell that year etc. That isn't actually true. Brands who have fashion shows seasonally have a creative team for fashion shows and usually have a commercial design team for their stores. Obviously, most of the garments that are shown on the runway are for sale, but are usually styled in a qwerty way, which society not always thinks is fashionable, but definitely makes a statement for the brand in the fashion industry. The commercial team will design products to appeal to people who stick to the 'social-norm', it usually is what makes the brand the most money. Examples can be Gucci, and their sneakers and belts, Balenciaga and their Triple S's and a wide range of other products like t-shirts, shirts, coats and jackets, which don't appear on the runway. This is where a lot of consumers buy into a brand, because of how they want to appear in society, due to their connotations of the brand.

At the moment, we are in SS20 (Spring/Summer 2020). So I'm looking at the runway for SS20 to kind of see what I have seen on social media at the moment (It's a shame I haven't been working or at uni, as when I am working I see lots of trends which have trickled-down from the runway - working at Primark - and when I'm at uni I always look around and see what people are wearing in London and at uni).

Here are some photographs from the SS20 Menswear Ready-To-Wear Collection (Sourced from Vogue Runway)

Here are some high-street similar items I have seen. Obviously, high-street retailers and luxury retailers probably read similar trend forecasts, and these high-street retailers may have got inspiration from another brand, like Balenciaga. These are just my interpretations of what I have seen on the Runway and what I have seen on social media and from other retailers.

The shorts are from COS, Denim Poncho from Bershka, and White Blazer is from Zara (Again, Photos aren't mine, they are from the brands websites). As you can see, the product ins't an exact copy, but you can see the vibes the high-street versions are similar and if styled in the same way, will give the aesthetic vibe that Acne Studios gives.

Acne Studios CEO has joined other luxury brands in a hope to reevaluate the way they function due to Coronavirus, and this includes their seasonality and markdowns or sales. It is mainly for reshaping clothing discounts, Drapers reports. According to Acne Limited End of Year Report, it shows that they have grown financially Year-On-Year from 2018-2019, but obviously Covid-19 will have an affect on this growth, transitioning from 2019-2020.

Here is a moodboard I created using Photoshop.

Here are the websites I have used to source images for my mood board: