Recent Outfit Breakdowns!

I thought I would breakdown a few of my outfits for you, Where I got these products from, if they are current or previous seasons, how I styled them etc. I've not done a post like this before although if they seem to similar to HAULS I will stop these posts, hopefully not though! x

Relaxed Blazer Look:

I got this Blazer in the Zara Sale, I have had my eye on it for a while and it went down in the sale, almost £80?! Cannot, Go, Wrong! I styled it with my Beige ASOS Design Knitted Ribbed & High-Neck Top which was also in the ASOS Sale for around £10 (probably because the weather was sweltering hot and knit defo isn't the vibe in a heatwave, but I loved it so x. I decided to style it with this to make the beige flow through my Instagram feed as in my recent posts I have kind of forgotten about the beige, so I'm making it flow again! You can definitely style this with either a slim fit shirt, but I prefer the relaxed look so I'll be styling it with an oversized shirt or TEE in the near future. I styled this look with a pair of Zara Trousers I got around January time, I believe they're a carrot fit? They was £20 I think and I love them. They are so comfy because they are a kind of jersey material but I don't think that is noticeable because of the black so they still give a smart casual look. My trainers are Nike Air Force 1's, which were £80 roughly with student discount from Footlocker (the day my student ID runs out, is just my worst nightmare I just can't think about that right now). Both products are probably last season but both are very much still in fashion right now, blazers never go out of fashion and I have seen knitted tops all over socials!

Accessory wise, I completed this look with my Freshwater Pearls from the H&M x Giambatista Valli Collaboration and my FAVE NEW Acne Studios Small Toe bag.

Knitted Vest Look:

I saw this Knitted Vest ALL OVER Social Media, 21 Buttons and Instagram and was obsessed. I hunted for it for ages until I found this 'sand' one from Zara for £30 which I loved. I waited for a little while but impulse bought one late night. About a week later it was reduced to £15, fuming was an understatement lol. I gained inspiration from a lot of streetwear accounts on Instagram on how to style this garment, mainly @oxytrips and @identidadmagazine but also just from other Instagram users who have the garment or something similar. I styled it with my Bershka Beige Balloon jeans which I believe were £25, and you can also get these on ASOS (when I ordered them they was sold out otherwise I would have got them from ASOS as Bershka don't do student discount or free next day delivery (you know the year for £10). My Oversized white shirt was ASOS Design and I think was £22.50 with Student Discount, I love this shirt, my mum compared it to a maternity shirt but if that's the vibe, it's the vibe. I love it, it is also perfect for a French Tuck (half-in/half-out look). These products are all current season and I think you can still buy the jeans and shirt but I believe the vest has sold out!

I again finished the look with my H&M Giambatista Valli Pearls ( I waited for the perfect look to wear these, I have had them since October time when the collection launched but was just waiting for the perfect outfit to wear them with) and my Air Force Ones'.

Grey Pinstripe Co-Ord

I got this Co-Ord from the new Kem x Primark Collection, it's so affordable and perfect for indoor chilling but also a chilled look when going out. I think the whole look was under £30 and I styled this with my Zara Sky Blue Bumbag which was £20 and my Primark Cares Organic Cotton Baby Blue tee underneath (to make the blue flow, of course). You can obviously wear these separate too, the shorts which just a tee when we get another heatwave, and the hoodie with jeans in the winter. Perfect! This is currently inshore but I know it is unavailable to order from Depo so if you want this co-ord you have to go to stores ASAP as they are selling fast.

Pinky & Beigey vibes

This was a last minute look I put together. I got these jeans from Primark at Lakeside as my store didn't have them and I saw them on Primark's Instagram! I really wanted them as they were the perfect colour and I knew they would go with a lot fo my clothes, they was £15 and are a 'carpenter fit' I love the fit, straight and wide leg jeans are trending right now, and these jeans are definitely current season. The top I wore was from the H&M x Giambatista Valli again, and wanted to make the pink from my Acne Studios Post on my Instagram flow so it didn't look so random. This was last season, as the collaboration was October/November 2019 but a collaboration tee will never go out of fashion depending how you style it!

I have seen people style a tee with a plain oversized shirt on Instagram and 21 Buttons so decided to give it a go myself for a 'minimal' look and loved it!

Bluuuu Come Thruuuu

I got this shirt from Collusion for £18 with student discount, after a palaver with the sizing (it is oversized and it doesn't state this btw so I ordered a size up for an oversized look and it was literally a dress, so returned it and got my actual size) I just fell in love with the look. The shade of blue really reminded me of a recent ( I say recent, it was a trend before lockdown but it feels recent as we've only had a couple of trends since) trend from work, which was a 'Parisian Catwalk' trend, which was similar shades of blue pieced with beiges and neutral tones, which is what I loved about this shirt. I Styled it which my Zara Carrot fit Trousers, Zara crossbody bag (£15) Vivienne Westwood necklace and Nike Teckno Royal Blue Trainers (which were also a bargain from Ashford Outlet for like £50, and they are my most worn trainer I'm obsessed with the retro look). I will definitely be styling this shirt with beige tones in the future!

That's all folks! After writing this post I have decided I will be doing more outfit breakdowns in the future, thanks xx