Recent Influencer Collabs!

Long time no see!

I have been struggling to find a work life balance even though Kent is in tier 3 and we have no life out of work lol, but Primark has been mega busy so I basically come home and sleep! My consistency has been bad which is annoying even with Instagram, but it's that time of year when people start getting a bit slower etc, so hopefully when the next 2 weeks pass and Christmas is over I can put a lot more energy into my socials and blog.

I have been sooo lucky to have received a few more influencer collaborations recently since I last posted about my collaborations. They all came through at a similar time which is really great and I am really thankful that these brands thought of me.

1. Ideal of Sweden

Ideal of Sweden kindly gifted me 2 atelier phone cases which are such high quality and are perfect for gifting for Christmas! Here are the two cases I chose.

2. Gege London

This brand contacted me on Instagram and it felt much more personal to a few of the collaborations I have done, and I feel like its great that none of my followers on Instagram and accounts I engage with have partnered with this brand before, it feels like they really wanted me to work with them and that was a fab feeling! I was gifted these pink trousers, I decided to create a little pink and khaki feature on my feed to make these flow and stand out more.

3. Fudge Professionals

I was kindly gifted these hair products from Fudge Professionals - they are a good quality hair care brand and I have tried a few of these products and do really like them. I am going to wait until my hair has grown out though (from bleaching) until I constantly style my hair, as it is literally DECEASED lol.

4. Estrid

Estrid gifted me this razor to post on my story, I chose the orange one and they come in a variety of colours and also come with a nice stand which you can stick on your mirror!