NEW 'Trending Now' Highlight

Hey! Long-Time-No-See...

As you are aware I have very recently finished uni, and I basically straight away have picked up a lot of overtime at work and I think it has been a shock to the system as I am now ill and have been so tired too! I'm now going to spend some time bashing out a few blog posts to keep this up to date!

Monday I have started a new highlight on my Instagram page @mitchelltilley_ to basically highlight current trends! This is going to be for menswear and womenswear. I completed the menswear trends this week so next week will be A/W20 trends for womenswear and it'll alternate from there!

I'll get my information from a range of resources including trend forecasting reports which I have downloaded before I left university - these are brilliant and go right into detail. I will also use social media as an inspiration for trends, as it is so quick and fast moving trend forecasters don't always have the chance to pick up on these micro-social trends, which is sometimes why it is best to be observant. When shopping or working I am always exposed to trends also, we get packs come through at work showing us upcoming trends etc and I can tell from what product in store is going to sell well, or does sell well it is obviously a trending piece. All of these sources will be used when I add to my highlight and I hope to keep this up as I haven't seen any other social media bloggers / influencers do this! It's definitely good to know what is trending too so you look your best.

Most people like to say 'oh I don't follow trends' but subconsciously everyone does! Sustainability is a huge one at the moment, and it's 100% a shame to say that is is a trend and everyone 'jumping on the bandwagon' isn't in it for the planet but they are in it because it is a trending topic and to be deemed a 'good person' or the 'right influencer' or to grow in the fashion industry as a brand or a retailer you need to be sustainable or shop sustainably. This is why it is a trend. Also a hugeee trend is jeans, not many people are wearing skinny jeans this year, dad and mom jeans are definitely trending. A few years ago I feel like I wasn't the only one saying that 'I'd never wear baggy jeans' and here I am with a mix of balloon jeans, wide-leg jeans and dad jeans in my wardrobe and haven't worn skinny jeans since last year! So it is important to see what is going on so you're more conscious of trends - and if you really don't want to be part of a trend then you can see what is trending and divert the path! Even second-hand clothes is trending now and revamping them - in a form of sustainable fashion - it's really crazy.

In case you missed it, you can go to my instagram to see the trends by clicking the link here @mitchelltilley_ or see below the stories I added. There will be a direct correlation to this highlight story and my blog, and I will probably go more into depth on the trends on here!

I hope you love this new section of my blog and social media!