Hi Everyone! So as you'll know I'm a shopaholic especially for clothes. I thought I would do an updated Wishlist for SS21, and I probably will continue doing these throughout the summer as new things come out literally daily lol!

Bershka Wide leg shorts (NEED!)

I saw these denim shorts and I absolutely NEED, I recently styled some wide leg denim shorts from Collusion Studios which I purchased last year, and they're so cool! I love Bershka denim, it is SUCH good quality which is why I don't mind paying £30 for their denim. Although last year I really wanted some shorts from Bershka and they was around £30 and was reduced to £3.99 - so it may be a waiting game lol. A must have this summer, skimpy short shorts are no more.

Primark Premium Co-ord

Where I used to work at Primark I know how often new products come in, and I know how quick things can sell too. So I regularly check social media and their website and upon checking their website I saw this and absolutely love! My friend who still works there said it's part of the premium range, and tbh it looks like I'll be going up there today and copping this set!

Nike Dunks

I don't need anymore Nike trainers really, but I would like a pair of Dunks lol. I love that they come in all sorts of colours, I really like the mint green pair! I always find coloured shoes are so hard to wear though.

Zara sandals

I wanted these sandals last year but I swear the exact same ones were like £60? I think sandals are really in at the minute, even last year they was super trendy. People who aren't into fashion or haven't got a clue will be the ones to turn their nose up and say 'ew sandals' but ones who know about fashion know sandals hit different this season.

boohooMAN knitted set

This set is in my Wishlist because it just looks cosy af, I probably shouldn't purchase because we're meant to be coming out of lockdown (apparently) but we shall see. You'll probs see me wearing it next week in my story or it'll be in a Haul video lol.

H&M Blank Staples Co-ord

How perfect is this set? They do matching socks too but must have sold out online. I love pastels atm, as you can probably tell by my Instagram feed at the moment (@mitchelltilley_) I definitely need more lilac though - might have to treat myself this payday to this set! I know the Blank Staples collection is also such good quality too - you do get what you pay for, the fabric is thick and well put together.

Jacquemus Le Chiquito

This bag will forever be in my Wishlist because every time I save for it the money has to go elsewhere lmao, it will be mine one day (probs when it is out of fashion and no one wants it anymore!). I have got a Matches Fashion voucher coming my way for doing an interview for a marketing company, so fingers crossed that comes through and I can put it towards this little bag of joy.

ASOS Design shirt

Finally, this trending ASOS Design shirt. Does anyone else find that each season, or month or even every few weeks, there is an item of ASOS which is literally trending and you can see it at least 20 times in your feed in a day. This was one of them shirts, along with the blue version with small yellow flowers over it. This is also the case with the new Knitted Vest which is green with white flowers on, and the cloud sweaters in blue & lilac which was trending last year. I hope I'm not the only saddo to notice these things, but I do find it super interesting because of the course I studied at uni.

Well, that wraps up this weeks Wishlist, I hope you enjoy and have been inspired by some of these bits which I need in my wardrobe. For now, you can shop my recent outfits below!