NEW Instagram Function: Instagram Guides & How To Use it!

If you follow me on Instagram and saw my recent story of my first Instagram Guide - you'll know that I am absolutely obsessed with the feature! I can't take credit for learning how to use it or about it either, this is down to my friend Kelsey, you can see her social media marketing business page here, always giving out tips and tricks for social media!

Where are they, I don't see them?

So guides are basically a new section on Instagram. You can direct yourself to guides (if someone has them of course, they are a new feature and some people may not want them on their account which is fine!) by clicking the 'Guide Icon' which looks like a magazine. This is situated where the Feed, IGTV, Tagged Photos and Reels icons are. I think it's really fab that Instagram is extending its use, with Reels (inspired by TikTok), IGTV (Inspired by Youtube) and Stories (inspired by Snapchat) it's like having all of your creative flares in one place. The Guides seem similar or inspired by Pinterest.

How do I create a Guide?

The good thing about guides are that you don't need to worry about creating new content, it is all about the content you have already created and putting it into one section. When I first heard about this feature - I was like sh*t, how am I going to relate this to fashion? It's simple really - it's like creating little clusters of your posts and writing about it. I am going to do a lot of 'How to Style's' and collaborations, but if your niche is beauty, it could be collating your posts into 'glam' and 'everyday' sections. You can also use it for business purposes, creating guides for Instagram Shop, which is really good.

You create Guides by pressing the plus at the top of your profile, and then click Guide and it'll then direct you to posts - it's that simple!

This is what the Guides look like on the profile.

Here is my first Instagram Guide, I decided to create a 'How to Style Mint Green' Guide.

Click the link here to see it on Instagram!