NEW Fashion Wishlist

Okayyyyy so, my last Wishlist everyone apparently really liked and people wanted to see more of them so I thought I'd create a new post with an updated Wishlist as trends have changed and I have purchased some of the bits on my previous Wishlist. I think its going to be really interesting in a few months when I go back through my posts and see what I did really want. I find trends so interesting and how it flows into a new trend quite subtly. Anyway lets get to it.

1. Yeezy Slides

Okay so.. at first I saw these I thought EW. But seeing them over my instagram they have REALLY grown on me. Of course, the ones I want have sold out, and they aren't restocking. However a charcoal pair has been spoken about, so who knows I'll need to keep my eye out!

2. Dad Sandals

Now they're obviously not called dad sandals it is just the stereotype of them and what they have been called in fashion editorial and on social media, but Zara do some really cool sandals, I just am fussy as hate feet and am still drawn between, socks and sandals and cool and socks and sandals isn't a look lol. I guess it just depends on the person wearing them, I'll have to try them soon.

3. Dior Bag

Gorg's I saw a Dior bag at Bicester Village and I said to Meg, if its £500 I'm just gonna splurge, it was like £1,700. I was deceased. I'm putting it on my Wishlist though as I'm still wishing! - I might win the lottery someday.

4. Ami Paris Vest Top

I saw this cute vest top on someone on Instagram and really wanted to try and see if a vest top looked cute on me or not. I definitely will be trying a cheaper brand before I pay Ami Paris prices!

5. Nike Air Jordan 1

Similar to the AF1, the Nike Air Jordan 1 has really grown on me recently! They are also difficult to get your hands on too.. maybe when I get a new job and have a little more disposable income I'll be able to get my hands on a pair of these!

None of these images are my own by the way! Just showing my Wishlist.

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