My Visit to The Wonderful Bicester Village

So! My first weekend off since being back at work and I just had to visit Bicester Village, which is located in Oxfordshire, England. It is a designer outlet centre and I have only heard good things about it. I love an outlet shopping place, many people see it as where 'all the designer stuff no one wants is left' but I don't believe that at all as I always seem to pick up fashionable bits!

Bicester Village Designer Stores:

As I am from Kent in England, Bicester is about a 2 hour drive from me, so my closest outlet centre is Ashford Outlet. Although they have revamped this centre, it still wasn't anything compared to Bicester! I feel like Ashford Outlet is good for your sportswear finds, when I went back in Jan I found these really cool Nike Tekno in Blue (as I wanted an all blue outfit for when I went to see Mabel as I was that obsessed I wanted to match her album cover, LOL, was cute though), for about £50 which I was straight on. Bicester is good for all of your designer bits, and I feel like it's always a good balance to mix designer with sportswear and highstreet.

Sometimes you really can't tell if a t-shirt or trousers are designer unless they are an iconic print or fit, which is why I am 100% for buying hightstreet - fast-fashion clothes because you can be stylish by saving so much money! They spend the money when it comes to bags and shoes, where you really can tell who the designer is! These pieces tend to last longer than clothes too, bags can be pretty timeless in comparison to fashion.

Anyway, back to Bicester. All I can remember saying to Meg is 'GOD IT'S SO NICE HERE ISN'T IT' and 'I'd rather come here every couple of months and have a splurge than go to Ashford as often as I do!'.

Vivienne Westwood

I got some good bargains too, I got a cute Versace Ring, a Vivienne Westwood Necklace, and I splurged on some Balenciaga Triple S because I just needed them in my life. I will have to be a bit better with my money the coming month, but oh well! I'm young and work hard, I'll soon be finishing uni and saving for more important things so I should get the things I want while I can! That goes for anyone reading this too, if you want it, f***ing get it x

So, I was obsessed with the way the outlet was laid out, it was like a little village, the stores looked like they was in little barn houses painted grey and purple but it flowed really nicely and fit really well. If it was up to me, they should have a few more food places as they only had a Prett and a few stools. I know we're in a Pandemic also but the virtual queues were a bit of a nightmare.. the only shop we couldn't get in was Gucci and FML is that one of the main shops I wanted to go in! It just looked like the sign with the QR code never turned around! (Basically, instead of people actually queuing, big stores had a QR code which you scan on your phone, register then the store will send you a text to go to the store when it is your turn, it is clever really but a sh**ing nightmare for some stores, like Gucci (: )

Overall, I loved my experience at Bicester Village and am super over the moon with my new purchases, I have been styling them up already! I must admit the first store I went in was Acne Studios (one of my favourite designer brands) and I was disappointed with some of the stock they had. I should have gone back in for a second look. Their store layout and VM was cute though!

Acne Studios, Dior and Prada Window Displays/Visual Merchandising