My Spring 2021 Fashion Wishlist

I have been SO good recently regarding buying clothes. I have only actually bought maybe 4/5 things (clothes wise) for myself this year! I have been on a major cut down as I am trying to save for a few things like moving out etc now I have a full-time job as well as surgery on my ears (as I stretched them when I was younger) so I am trying to be a bit more careful with my money - also I have so many clothes and at the moment it's working quite well me alternating outfits and mixing and matching clothes I have worn already and styling it up differently - I find this is also good for my audience when they may not be a massive shopaholic like me and may want to wear the same item of clothing for multiple occasions - which tbh is the right way to go about it I'm just addicted to clothes.

I have also been super lucky that I have had a few fashion collaborations come through like Amazon Fashion, Tkees (and 2 which I will release shortly) that I have been being sent clothes to promote rather than needing to spend money on clothes - so I feel incredibly lucky and humble that I have been getting these opportunities - it has been hard work to manage to grow enough to be able to obtain these collaborations though I can't lie but I love doing it and it is really working in nicely to my daily routines. SO - let's get to my Spring 2021 Wishlist.

1) Zara Beige Bag

To be honest - this is in my bag waiting to be checked out. I have uploaded a few bags and accessories to Vinted so why not replace? It's beige - my FAVE colour... I'm gonna do it. Sold.

2) Bershka 2 / 4 Tone Denim

Okay so - I couldn't decide between the beige and the blue which one I would like most in my Spring 2021 wardrobe so I thought I would put both here, considering this is a Wishlist rather than my shopping cart lol. I think these are so cool, I tried creating DIY split jeans last year in lockdown, it went well until I washed them in hot water and they ripped... I should have watched more tutorials lol, this is why buying them like that is so much easier than creating them yourself!

3) Brother and Kin Tracksuit

Obsessed with this brand - one of the things I did buy so far this year is a 'Staycation' Brother and Kin sweatshirt which is so casual and really gives me 90s vibes! Brothers and Kin is the brother brand of Sisters and Seekers, a really popular Instagram-First womenswear brand. They have recently collaborated to create unisex tracksuits, and they're so cool! I think what makes the brand cooler is 100% the aesthetic. You can see the sweatshirt styled below in this reel I created.

4) Bershka White Boots

I know - another Bershka product! I can't help it I'm obsessed. It's funny because I go through stages of loving different Intedex brands (the company which owns Zara, Pull&Bear, Berhska etc). I'm not sure if it's an age thing as I really loved Pull&Bear fashion in my clubbing days when I enjoyed quirky styles and now I prefer Zara and Bershka for more minimalistic fashion. I love these white boots though - feel like they would be perfect with any Spring outfit!

5) Jacquemus NEW Chiquito bag

Yes - still obsessing over Jacquemus a year on - Yes - still waiting to cop my Chiquito bag! I am saving for this on the side of other things I am saving for, which is probably why I am being so good with money and spending on fast-fashion as I kinda wanna save for something designer (I don't always do this, maybe twice a year I'll splurge on something designer if I really want it but I will always save up for a few months before I do).