My Recent Outfits Jan 2021

Well Hello!

It's been a little while I must say - I have been so busy trying to focus on my Instagram content including Reels and IGTV's as often as possible so jumping on my blog has been harder than usual! I started my new job this week and it is going super, it's more of an introduction week and I'll start properly next week.

So I thought I would ease in with some of my recent outfits and breakdowns and you can tap them and it will take you to my instagram too! So if you are reading this it would mean a lot if you could tap on and save my posts as it really does help with the Instagram Algorithm.

Fashion Bib Styled Up

I thought this was a really cool accessory which I think will grow in popularity in 2021 in different styles when it comes to SS. Both the Coat and Bib/Hood is from Collusion Studios (ASOS), Jeans are from Primark and my trainers are Nike Blazers Vintage Bone colourway. You can shop this fit in the link below my post!

Shop Here

Basic Beige fit!

This fit is a lovely beige casual fit, with the same jeans as before but with a Collusion Studios Hoodie which Kelsey kindly got me for Christmas!

Multi Coloured Sweater Vibes

I saw this jumper a few days before Christmas and I was obsessed. I shop so much at Collusion (Clearly) I can kind of gather when something will sell out or not, and literally the day after this jumper sold out, so I'm glad I picked it up! I styled this with Dad jeans (Collusion too obvs) and a Mint green Zara bag!

Knitted vests are still going strong into 2021!

I got this knitted vest in the Summer from Zara and just love it, I love all beige everything obviously ! My sweatshirt is H&M Man, Trousers are again Primark Man.

Shacket trend

Everyone has jumped on the shacket trend and this one is from Collusion lol, but I actually got it for my mum for Christmas but she didn't like it so I kept it for myself! My loungewear top is from the Primark Wellness section (sustainable) and dad jeans are collusion too.

Jersey Rollneck

I got this cool Rollneck from Zara, I saw it in the new Bluewater concept store and luckily I decided to wait as it was reduced in the Boxing Day sale! I styled it with a brown collusion studios shirt over the top.

Teddy Bear Spliced Borg Coat

I saw this coat in the Boxing Day sale on boohooMAN and I am obsessed! I had to cop it as it really goes with my style at the moment! I styled it with Check Trousers from River Island and my new Nike Air Jordan 1 Mocha's which I am also obsessed with!

Basic Hoodie Fit

My brown hoodie was from the H&M Blank Staples collection - I hope they bring out a newer collection as loved this one! My cord trousers are from Uniqlo - a gift from my parents from Christmas - they're so cosy!

Chunky Bottega Veneta Inspired

Similar to my other photo but a full fit - Shirt is from Collusion, with a ribbed top under from ASOS Design, Balloon Jeans are from Bershka, and the chunky chocolate boots are from ASOS too - a collection called the truffle collection.