My New Fave Style: Oversized Shirt Edition

Hi Everyone!

The last few weeks I had my head down working on my assignments which I have now submitted so I can continue working on my social media and blog! I wanted to do a little post on what my new favourite trend is which I have been seeing over social media. It isn't so much new, but it is something I have newly adopted and want to continue wearing when I am able to go out.

Oversized shirts. I really love the aesthetic and how they are being styled at the moment, especially the 'half-in/half-out' trend. Although shirts are supposed to be smart, you can easily style a shirt with denim or comfy trousers to make them more fashion and casual.

I have a few oversized shirts now and I love styling them with my Vivienne Westwood necklace under the collar, where traditionally the tie is supposed to go, and turning up the cuffs to give it more of a casual fit.

Here's a few pics of me styling a few oversized shirts! I find that some oversized shirts have to be described as an oversized fit when buying them, because I feel like if you just get a shirt a couple of sized bigger it doesn't give the same fit. The two I have bought are from ASOS and ASOS' brand Collusion (which, if you have me on social media, I am obsessed with).

The shirt below was from Collusion, I love spliced shirts they are so cool. There is one on Zara at the moment which I have been contemplating getting for a little while now, although I probably shouldn't! I did order a par of splice trousers from SHEIN however, which are coming soon. I can't wait to style them!

Styling a splice, oversized shirt with a bumbag and comfy black trousers makes it more casual and more of a going-out outfit!

This oversized shirt was from ASOS, and is from the ASOS Design collection. Although plain, I feel like minimal is a new trend, and minimal and natural colours are definitely going to be trending due to Covid-19 and conforming to the trend of wellbeing. 

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Mitchell x