My Latest Fashion, Home and Accessory Haul

soooo as you all know me so well, I ofc have purchased a few more items over the last month and therefore have the chance to do another haul! This time I am going to be doing my from my most favourite down!

1. COLLUSION STUDIOS Blue Oversized Shirt

I purchased this shirt from ASOS not long ago hoping that it would be similar to my white oversized shirt from ASOS design. Collusion and ASOS design are both ASOS brands, but the blue shirt didn’t state it was oversized so I sized up... wrong idea! The large was delivered and literally looked like a dress! I needed to send back and get a smaller size. For £18 (with Unidays discount) I literally am so in love with it, it is just an oversized blue basic shirt however you can really style it up!

Before lockdown we had a trend at work which was catwalk/runway inspired which had blue and beige tones combined together and I really got inspiration from these looks when purchasing the shirt and definitely want to style it similar to it.

2. Sky Blue Zara Bumbag

I first saw this bag in mint which was and still kinda is my obsession, but when I saw the new sky blue colourway I just had to order it as it really went well with my Instagram theme and blue is kinda my colour at the moment. I wore it to work as soon as it was delivered and flows really nice with neutral tones! It was £19.99 I believe which I don’t think is bad for Zara quality.

3. ASOS Design High Neck Ribbed Top

okay so it is rather hot to be wearing one of these but I’ve wanted a ribbed high neck top for a while and this really gave me Zara Vibes! I think this was £10 in a recent sale it was so worth the money! I have a few ideas on how I’m going to be styling this one up and can’t wait!

4. Primark X Kem Co-ord

Ya’ll know I love a co-ord! Our latest collaboration at work is with Kem from season 3 Love Island and I picked up this really cool basic pinstripe two piece which is perfect for chilled days in lockdown doing uni work! The hoodie was £14 and shirts was £9!

5. UKASE Dior Inspired Case

I know you’re probably thinking what a fake, but it’s actually not. This Dior print is really trending all over social media at the moment with custom clothes and Nike Air Force 1’s trending in lockdown. Dior themselves just haven’t taken the initiative to create a phone case of the print themselves! It is such an aesthetically pleasing case, and is such good quality as well! It was £20 but I believe they have a sale on at the moment!

6. Primark Wellness Pyjamas

When I went back to work we was allowed to make staff purchases! I needed some new pyjamas and really love the wellness aesthetic from our Primark Wellness collection so got myself a pair of PJ’s from there and they’re so comfy! Primark Wellness is a sustainably sourced collection and uses neutral tones to give the natural and well-being aesthetic! I think they was £9 but don’t hold me to that!

7. boohooMAN Pride Tee

I saw this really lovely boohooMAN pride t-shirt and I had to get it as it was so subtle. It was under £10 and you can shop through my affiliate link HERE!

Homeware bits!

I loveeee home at the moment and thought I would show you a couple of bits I got for my new redecorated room.

1. H&M Broken Statue Vase.

I love a broken statue atm I think they are soooo aesthetically pleasing I have been drawing a few on my digital drawings! I just need to order some plants for this vase and it will look so cute in my new room. It was around £20 from H&M Home. H&M Home and Zara Home are currently my favourite places to get inspiration for my room!

2. Primark Wellness Diffuser

As I said I am loving the Primark Wellness aesthetic and the minimalistic vibes it portrays. When we hopefully get some more stock in store I will pick up some more bits for my room! This was £4!

I also picked up some cute picture frames from B&M Bargains yesterday and will show you them when my fashion prints are delivered! Sooo exciting.