Marvel's WandaVision first impressions

Something a bit different today, but if you have me on social media you will know I have been hyping up Disney Plus' WandaVision for quite sometime now, for the new direction into Phase 4 of MCU. I know, who knew I was such a superhero fan lol. I'm so glad Marvel has decided to venture into the television streaming territory and create shows which are in the continuity of the MCU films as it kind of is the way forward, with the whole bingewatching trend and with films not being able to be released due to COVID-19 I think it defo is the right direction for media consumption.

I think it gives Marvel a Point of Difference too, as they can introduce Major or Minor characters from the comics to the MCU and see how fans react to them and then they can set them up to feature in a future film perhaps. Obviously Wanda & Vision have both been in the MCU since Avengers Age of Ultron, and have been substantial characters. Wanda is probably the most powerful Avenger throughout the MCU as it stands now, she is the only one who can destroy an infinity stone and she killed Ultron too. I don't think she is given the credit for that really in the MCU as she only had a minor role in Endgame after being brought back from Infinity War. Hopefully now though throughout WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 they're setting her up for her own film... I don't think her character is given much justice.

WandaVision Premiere

So WandaVision came out yesterday, Jan 15th and as soon as I finished work I went to get some snacks as I have been super excited for this release and being subscribed to Disney + made me happy that I was all ready and waiting for it to become available. When I first saw the trailer I admit I was like; "WTF" because it seemed so confusing and it didn't give much away. When a few more trailers came out I kind of had the sense that something bigger was gonna happen but still didn't know much because throughout the whole MCU not much about Wanda or Vision has actually been said or established.

After watching the first episode, honestly I was a bit like really. Is this it. I still want to give Disney the benefit of the doubt so I continued watching. At the end of episode 2 I can say I am 100% caught and want to find out more. I don't want to give any spoilers but all I can is in episode 1 there is one or two times where you can see something isn't right, and in Episode 2, even more odd things happen where you can see it can't be right and something is wrong.

What I think is going to happen?

Based on reading, in the comics Wanda is able to reality warp, where she can create worlds of her own. There is lots going round that she is doing this now, but people seem to think she is sleeping. SPOILER ALERT: Because in episode 2 she finds a helicopter crash landed in her garden, and some of the characters in the series seem to have a realisation that they don't know why they are where they are and they don't know much about themselves at all, that she has taken over a town and perhaps reality warped this town and a few of the residents have been adapted by Wanda to fit into her 'dream world' with Vision, who obviously died in the previous film.

MCU has acquired Fox, which includes X-Men. In comics, Wanda is the daughter of Magneto and is actually a mutant. This opens the universe right up to the opportunity of incorporating mutants into the MCU. Wanda is pregnant in the show at the moment and has twins, displayed in trailers. These twins are actually in the comics and therefore could play a huge role in the future of the MCU, but if the world is a reality warp, will they even make it out of her world or are they just made up?

It is reported that Evan Peters is coming to WandaVision. Wanda's brother is quicksilver in MCU, but there is also a Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men film played by Peters, it is thought she will try to bring her brother back to life and instead get a different version of Quicksilver, Peters version. This would be cool but I feel like Marvel won't do this as I think they would rather start a fresh with X-Men rather than just putting him in for the sake of it.

For the series I think it won't be a happy ending which is a shame as the character has had to suffer with a lot of loss, which is probably why she is in this state of mind and what has sent her to warp reality. I think it might establish her as a big role in the ongoing MCU and I think if the series is successful it will set her up for her own film, but this may take a few years as it took a good 8 years for Black Widow to get her own film. I think a cool way Marvel could introduce mutants would be for Wanda to go bad, and because of all the loss she has suffered she could start the brotherhood of mutant in her own film, and this could be how she establishes the mutants in the MCU. As we know she has a lead role in Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness, and Wanda is apparently meant to be part of the 'madness' perhaps getting over what has just happened in WandaVision. I think at the end of the series instead of calling herself Wanda she will realise she isn't the same avenger as before and establish herself as Scarlett Witch. I think this may give her a new identity for the future of the films and if she was to get her own film it would be titled Scarlett Witch rather than Wanda Maximoff. As for Vision, I feel like this will be the last we see of him. Although if Wanda does keep the babies after this whole warp I would be confused as to why Vision wouldn't be brought back and how she managed to make real babies in a fake world. Who knows what could happen, I would like Marvel to surprise me after reading all the theories as I do love a surprise!

I hope this gives you an insight and doesn't giveaway too much.