Ladies Trend Update 12/10/20

So as you are aware I have been at the Primark in Chatham in the week and Bluewater on the weekend, I am definitely starting to feel tired now! Very much looking forward to my time off to celebrate my birthday and relax, but have enjoyed my time at Chatham and have added to my experience too. I had the opportunity to work with new equipment at Chatham, plus sized and teenager mannequins, newer trend equipment too which makes the trend area look really cool.

So the trend I launched last week, and reworked this week is based around a mono print. It’s a shame but we didn’t get the skirt in and we didn’t get it in Bluewater either! Just so you’re aware, if you are wanting to buy something from Primark (especially fashion pieces) this season, if you like it I would buy it there and then or if you see something on socials and really want it, go to Primark ASAP as product is selling through really quickly and availability of product is really low. It keeps us VM’s on our toes though!

So this trend was build around a mono print, it was supposed to be a dress, blouse and a skirt but we only got the dress and blouse. This trend consists of dresses and shoulder pads which are popular trends this season. The key prints and textures are abstract prints, sherling (or borg), faux leather (or PU) and chunky knit. A lot of our Borg was unavailable so I swapped this for faux fur and leather for suede. There was a mocha story which was supposed to be merchandised behind the mono story, but none of the ’mocha’ coloured stock has come available yet, so I used beiges and creams in the trend area to still kind of keep it to the coffee aesthetic tones.

Here's the pictures I got of the trend area! I will take window pics tomorrow.