Instagram Giveaway!

Me and Kelsey have collaborated again to bring our followers a little something as a way to create a higher engagement on our social media and to say thank you to everyone for supporting our social platforms.

Recently I have hit 2 thousand followers on Instagram which is so good for me as I never had a high engagement before I started my Instagram theme! I'm mainly trying to create a higher engagement for my blog but also so that I can perhaps work with more brands and collaborate with some really cool people.

The Giveaway is a £20 ASOS Voucher which will be sent to your address, and a digital drawing by Kelsey. Digital drawings are so cool at the moment and are great to use as your profile pictures / vectors on social media, especially when done professionally.

If you head over to Instagram, click this post and you can see how to enter the giveaway!

Good Luck on our first ever giveaway!