Influencer Style - Menswear

Hey guys

I've been reading some articles recently discussing the adaption of the menswear influencer style and I thought I would write this post to give you guys the updates!

Magma Orange

This colour is becoming a statement shade across European Influencer style. This is in mainly mens jersey and outerwear collections.

Patchwork (DIY Trend)

Patchwork was a huge trend throughout S/S20 and lockdown 1. This is because of people having the time to up-cycle old garments. Brands have taken the initiative to create cleaner patchworks in current collections.

Winter Pastels

This is a controversial colour palette for this season - but due to lockdown and not needing to go outside as much consumers and influencers are using pastel colours as a trans-seasonal tone. These tones are mainly Mint Green, Icy Blue, Baby Pink and Lilac.


Comfort is key this year and going into next year too - therefore Borg materials and oversized fleeces will be in to flow with the 'stay at home' trends, merging with homewear and loungewear.

Splice textures

This trend has been around since maybe A/W19 but only as as a micro trend - this season it is much more prominent due to being similar to patchwork and the DIY 1/2 bleach jeans trend in lockdown 1.


This trend comes from items which has an older customer in mind, such as knitted vests and knitwear. Influencers who wear these garments are taking inspo from the older generation and as you may be aware the knitted vest trend was huge towards the end of SS20 and the beginning of A/W20! This even works with styling too like styling a shirt under a sweatshirt for example.

I hope these trends give you guys some outfit inspiration!

All images are from WGSN and the basic information of trends were from there too.