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Hey everyone,

I created a successful post on Blogger on my Top 10 TV Series', and have reposted it on here for you to read. Now we are what, 5 weeks into lockdown? (I really haven't been keeping count lol), I gather people may be struggling for things to watch, and you may have watched some of the shows on my previous lists, or have already seen them. So I have decided to do a new post on TV Series' which you NEED to watch in Lockdown!

1. Euphoria

I recently binged all of Euphoria, and I wrote a review on my Blogger blog (if you haven't seen it I wouldn't read it yet unless you love a spoiler!). It is definitely one of my favourites, it is so well put together! This was originally on HBO but if you are in the UK you can watch it on Watch Series.

2. Killing Eve

A new series of Killing Eve has just come out, and I am already up to date! Killing Eve is a very clever crime series, focussing on Villainelle and Eve's odd love story while Villainelle is a serial killer and Eve works for MI5. It can be watched on BBC iPlayer.

3. Next In Fashion

Next in Fashion is a really good competition series based on fashion designers who have their own label, have worked for celebrities and designed garments for big brands but they may not have the recognition they deserve. In this competition, each episode they create a new garment, or garments and they go down the runway and the best and worst are picked and someone is eliminated each week. It is so good, I loved watching this! You can watch this on Netflix.

4. Dracula

Dracula is a very new three part series which was released on BBC iPlayer not long ago. It is from the makers of Sherlock Holmes and is an interesting take on the Dracula story, and is definitely a vamp-series to watch! It can be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

5. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy has been on Netflix a while now, and is a great supernatural series about a distorted family and how they have grown apart, but must come together and use their powers together. It is really great. There currently is one series at the moment but has been renewed for a series 2! You can watch Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

6. Disenchantment

Disenchantment is a Netflix Original series by Matt Groening (I know, you can already tell it's a good series). It is about a fantasyland which focusses on a Tomboy Princess who is always getting into mischief, along with her new friends (An Elf and a Demon). I don't want to give too much away, but if you loved The Simpsons and Futurama, you'll most certainly fall in love with Disenchantment! This series has been renewed for more series, there is currently one series on Netflix (which was split into two parts). Just to add, all of The Simpsons are on Disney Plus and they have just released a new episode exclusive to Disney Plus!

7. Imagineering

I had to mention Imagineering. It's a series produced by Disney Plus which focusses on different aspects of the creation of the Disney Franchise. I am a little (yep I'm lying when I say a little) obsessed with Disney. So when I got Disney Plus and saw this I wanted to watch it to see how everything was made. I also love watching old tapes, so seeing Disneyland when it first opened and throughout time and how it was made and the thought process of it was just so interesting. Definitely watch this if you are interested in Disney and Disney Parks! Obviously, this can be found on Disney Plus.

8. Ugly Betty

I remember when I was younger I always had Ugly Betty on my watchlist (in my head, lol) but never got around to watching it. I recently started watching Season One on Prime and I was hooked! It is about a girl who is perceived as 'ugly' and gets a job in a high-end fashion publication. It really opened my eyes to my future career, and is good for fashion enthusiasts! It was available on Prime, but they just took it off and made it chargeable.. What an absolute JOKE! I'm sure you can find it on Watch Series though.

9. Salem

Salem is another really good season which is based on Witches, which is obviously why it's titled Salem (Salem Witch Trials). I remember watching this series a few years ago and being hooked. There are three seasons and is available on Netflix. The actresses are not popular but I think that is what makes it a really good season, I find the seasons with less famous actors and actresses in are always really good, and have really good storylines.

10. Banana / Cucumber / Tofu

Now these series' are a few years old too, and there is only one season of each but they all interlink with each other. Banana is the main season, which gives more of a story into the characters and Cucumber and Tofu give more insight into the characters themselves. This show is about the LGBT Community in Birmingham, and it did really help me when coming to terms with sexuality and help me on my journey to becoming more confident. Some of it is funny, some of it is serious, but it is a really true representation of the community and I feel like even if you aren't part of the LGBT Community, to further understand people who are part of the Community and what things some of us have to deal with you should definitely watch it! It is on Channel 4.

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