How I have been layering my outfits

YES! I have been scrolling and scrolling through Instagram recently and all of the accounts which inspire me have been layering and experimenting with different layering techniques which I am going to talk you through in a minute. Obviously, if layering isn't you, then it isn't you. Let's just get this straight, anything in this blog is based on suggestions and opinion, I'm not forcing you into this OKAY. But this may up your style game a bit, so it's up to you.

Lets start with the easy layering. Roll-Necks.

I love a Roll-neck. They are just so cool, they look nice on their own with a jean (skinny jean or wide-leg which is trending now) or a cool patterned trouser. I've seen more recently Roll-necks are being styled up, underneath Shirts, T-shirts and Jumpers. Roll-necks also look really cool under a Boiler-suit. I recently took inspiration from @oxytrips on Instagram and created this look from clothes I had in my wardrobe today.


I know, you're probably thinking; "ShIrTs??" or "They're the most basic item of clothing EVER". We'll I thought the same until recently. I've always loved a printed shirt and have never truly appreciated a basic, plain or striped shirt. Using these types of shirts you can use layering to bring out the beauty of a plain shirt to give a minimalistic vibe. Shirts are stereotypically related to work environments and school uniforms. If I'm honest that is what has put me off styling shirts for so long, I don't want to look like I'm working or in school, and wearing a shirt for school for 5 years just made me want to experiment with other styles as soon as I was able to.

Shirts can be seen being used more recently in street style and used very wisely. Shirts can be used under sweatshirts, which I think is a cool touch as it makes the shirt feel more casual and also looks really cool and interesting. Shirts can be worn over a tee, or roll neck too. I also LOVE putting a necklace under the collar of a shirt where a tie is traditionally meant to go, it just gives it a really interesting finish. If you want to see a new styling technique which is super popular at the moment, click the post below!

Here is a couple of shirts I have recently styled up with inspiration from Instagram.


I have recently ordered an Ecru Denim Jacket from Pull & Bear and am sooo excited for it to come. I haven't really been layering jackets with my outfits recently because I've realised I don't actually have many jackets! I'm more of a hoodie boy in the winder, which needs to STOP. You can layer denim in soooo many ways due to the variations of products which are made in Denim. Standard denim layering is using a denim jacket, or tying it round your waist.

Other popular denim products are boiler suits and dungarees. I literally love these all-in-ones they just give such a cool and casual look. Some super-cool people can manage to pull off full-denim looks, sadly, I'm not one of those people. If you're reading this and you are one of those people, congratulations! I'm extremely jealous. Here is a couple of pictures of me styling my denim jacket from Levi's in Paris. You can shop similar denim jackets through my Topman Affiliate link, Click Here!


Accessories are so important when it comes to styling up and outfit and can really be used to finish off your layered look. I feel like bags really make a statement, at the moment this Zara Crossbody bag is my favourite. I believe this black one had sold out before but I know it's back in stock now and they also do different colour ways! Shop the bag below!

I am currently waiting for a Tote Bag from Acne Studios to come available online, Tote bags can be held by the handles or wrap them around your body to give your outfit more identity.

Bumbags are a cute addition too!

Jewellery is also a subtle addition to any outfit. Adding a watch when you're wearing shirts make the look more formal, but obviously you can wear a watch with any outfit and it will look good. Laying your outfit with chains and necklaces is also a cool statement, and using multiple necklaces makes your fit a more street-look.

Hats are a great bonus to outfits, I love a baseball cap but they just make my hair so flat! Most hats just exaggerate a casual fit, there aren't many hats which are for smart outfits. Bucket hats are really popular at the moment, personally I'm just not a fan... they remind me of sunhats when I little and trying to not get sunburnt lol. Sunglasses are a cool addition to any outfit, I love a coloured pair of lenses and you can have them on your face, in your hair or tucked into your t-shirt, I feel like they're a brilliant addition to an outfit and help create a colour flow throughout your fit if you're struggling to do that.

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