How Can Creating a Social Media Aesthetic Improve Other Professional Skills?

I thought I would write this post as since I have started a social media aesthetic on Instagram and 21 Buttons I have really noticed other improvements in other skills I have or didn't know I had.

Visual Merchandising

So most of you should know I have been doing Visual Merchandising for just over a year at Primark now, after being employed to be a Cash Office Assistant I changed job roles (after doing both for a long time) and have also had VM experience at House of Fraser and was taught VM Theory in my Level 4 Fashion Retail Course.

I'm not sure if this sounds silly, but since going back to work after lockdown I have found building walls, outfit picking and sampling so much easier than before lockdown. I was super surprised about this as I was quite nervous to go back in case I had forgotten a lot of my knowledge and training from before.

When we build fashion walls, we need colour palettes to flow and go with the 'look'. I feel like when planning my Instagram feed, making colours flow, spreading out images is similar to when we make colours, textures and different garments flow through a wall. I have done a few walls and fixtures now and find this comes so much more naturally now. When planning my Instagram feed (at the beginning) on UNUM, you used the grid to make the colour flow, so if I posted a picture with blue in it in the bottom right corner, I would probably want a blue picture in the row above on the opposite side, to make the colour flow, and that goes for other colours I use in my feed too, beige, grey, white, cream and black. If I randomly use colours it may look random which is why I try mu best to have a few images of that colour to be consistent through my feed. Some recent VM work I have done is coming soon!

Interior Design

So another skill which I actually realised I didn't have is interior design. Learning how to Colour Flow is so important when planning colour co-ordination for a new room. I recently have redecorated my bedroom, and I chose everything and I absolutely love it. It constists of black, beige, mink and creams which I love, and I was inspired of different Decor's from social media but also online and physical shopping.

Since doing my new room and having a positive engagement on social media, my mum and friends have been asking advice on their rooms, Decor and Colour-Flow, and I love this, I love giving my opinion and helping people out... especially when it comes to Home! I so cannot wait to move out so I can decorate my house how I want! I have a Board on Pinterest Just for Home Inspo! Check it out HERE!


I love creating Moodboards, but being on Social Media, creating my own content and editing my own pictures has inspired me to create mood boards which flow better with a range of photos and text. Here is an example of a recent MoodBoard I have done for Maria's Instagram Aesthetic Plan.

Photo Editing

Obviously creating an aesthetic you need to edit your photos slightly, lighting and filters are the easiest way to do this. I find natural light when taking your photos give you the best opportunity to play with your photos on editing software. I find using more than one editing software also gives the best results as you can do different things. The two I use for my Instagram photos at the moment are PS Photoshop and Facetune. I used to use Lightroom, but I find you can edit the lighting just the same on PS Photoshop, and add a filter too. Maybe I need to play around with it more but for now I'm quite happy with the apps I am using.

Photo editing is a great skill to have, not just because you can create an aesthetic just by adding a couple of filters and adjusting the lighting but if you wanted to go into social media as a career, or start a business making photos which flow into each other is so important to create a brand image and employers will love this skill, it is probably exactly what they are looking for actually!

If I'm honest, creating my instagram aesthetic has also helped my confidence, I always used to second guest content I upload and now I just never do. I also try my best to be consistent and upload everyday, which pushes me more to produce above average content!

I hope this blog post inspires you to create an aesthetic and improve more skills whilst creating that aesthetic!

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