H&M: Blank Staples Collection

Sooo, my streetwear enthusiasts and lovers - have you seen the latest H&M Blank Staples collection?

If not, I'll be informing you all about blank staples throughout this post. The idea behind this collection is to create high quality streetwear essentials for men. As you'll all know I am sooo obsessed with earthy neutral tones at the moment (as my instagram feed is currently a beigey dream).

What is the collection? The collection consists of 5 products in 4 colour ways, black, brown, cream and beige and the products are a hoodie, sweatshirt, t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt and joggers. Fuming the brown joggers have sold through! But I'm getting that hoodie rn! The products may seem basic to some people but you can't go wrong with a plain, minimalistic toned product! These are actually quite hard to come by too in shops, as they usually plaster stupid words/logos all over it which sometimes ruins the product.

Here's some pictures I have taken from H&M on Blank Staples (These aren't my images).

Let me know if this style is a bit of you! Certainly is a bit of me!