Guest Blog: Teddy Gauducheau

What do I love about my job and fashion

Fashion has always been a real lifestyle and passion for me, for as long as I can remember, actually! It inspires me, it makes me feel good and I just love clothes, outfits, shops, finding unique pieces, well... I could go on and on and on about fashion but I bet by now you get the point. So, let’s talk Image consulting, Personal Shopping and Private Stylism, shall we? It’s been my job for the past year and I must say that I really do enjoy it!There are a lot of points that I absolutely love about my job, I’ll try to cover the most important of them, for you, in this article.

First of all, fashion is not just pretty clothes covering a body for the only sake of wearing something. It’s actually deeper. The image consulting part of my job, which is the deeper side, covers for exemple morphology or psychology. It really showed me how fashion can transforme someone’s vision on their own body and help grow a totally new self confidence in a matter of hours! Why you must ask? Because Consultants are here to make you feel great about yourself, to show you that what you may consider a « problem area » can be transformed into an asset thanks to clothes with great cuts and fabrics. And that’s the beauty of image consulting.I love the idea that part of your identity, if you play it well, can easily be remembered for how you dress. But as said before you have to choose clothes that compliments your figure in order to make this identity a positive one. I like helping people look their best because being well put together really affects physical and mental health.

Another important point is the lack of repetition in my day to day « job life ». Their isn’t two identical clients so my work can never be the same and that’s on individuality. Everyone has its own take on fashion. Every client comes to me with a different idea of their own style. And when it comes to the private stylist part, I can never go in two similar item quests. For example on Monday I’ll have to find the perfect fall coat, on Tuesday it will be someone’s dream LBD (little black dress of course) etc... I just really like how versatile it is (how you can make your own fashion, create one unique style, and be able to play with clothes in general). Also, fashion nowadays is faster than ever and that what makes it interesting. I always have to keep up with it!

Last but certainly not least being able to go shopping and browse the internet almost everyday is an amazing bonus point that no other job can offer me, for sure!

Knowing every web site, every brand and the good deals, the quality the offer is so helpful. I, sometimes spend hours, and when I say hours, I mean lots of them, fully immersed into Pinterest pages, insta feeds, fashion magazines searching, digging for inspiration because social medias are such diverse and creative outlets that are totally helping me in my job. And, on a more serious note it is so rewarding to see people eyes and heart light up when I finally found the item they were endlessly looking for.

Remember boys and girls fashion is all about fits, cuts, fabrics and colors. It’s has to compliment your body nicely, clothes has to flow on your curves. If you’re feeling great in your clothes you’ll feel great about yourself. And if you can’t do that by yourself, well, seems like you should call a Personal Shopper. Fashion is easy, it’s a game, it has some rules, but overall it’s all fun! It’s a game that, with a bit of help, everyone can play, and hopefully win.

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