Guest Blog: Maria Cann Edition

Hey everyone, I'm Maria and I'm going to talk about Makeup and Skincare today!

So, before lockdown I was working at The Bodyshop as a team leader. I’ll actually be returning back next week after being closed for the past 2 months. I’ve been working for The Bodyshop for nearly 3 years now and I really enjoy my job because I’m surrounded by products I actually have an interest in. I’ve been into skincare and makeup since the age of 5/6; I’d watch my nan applying her serums, creams and lipstick at her dressing table and be begging to use some myself. It’s funny because my niece is the exact same now. Even growing up I’d always be seeing what new products she had that I could try. My favourite being Estée Lauder advanced night repair which is a serum. Only now I realise how expensive it is and how I wasted it, ooops…

One of my favourite parts about my job is being able to help someone with their skincare journey, whether it’s someone starting fresh and wanting to begin one or someone who’s come to a standstill and has tried lots of things that just isn’t working for them. We have a wide range of products for those with normal, dry, combination/oily, mature or premature skin. Another one of my favourite things to do at work is makeovers for customers or on another consultant to show on our Instagram. If you’re interested to see take a look at @hempsteadbeauty. This is run by one of our consultants, Ruby; she’s always sharing beauty tips, product info etc.

About 6 months or so after finishing school I started going to the London College of Beauty Therapy where I studied Hair and Media Makeup. I only done level 2 as I felt I didn’t take much away from it on the makeup side of things which is what I was most interested in. After this I done a bit of freelance but sort of lost interest and was busy doing other stuff. I’ve always loved doing it on myself but only recently I’ve picked the interest back up again since I’ve had time to do looks during lockdown. I have posted a couple of them on my page @mariacann_ and I will be starting an account on Instagram specifically for makeup looks I’ve done rather than posting on my main account. After lockdown when things return to normal, I’ll be looking to do a course in bridal makeup as my sister has asked me to do her makeup for their wedding next March. So that’s something to look forward to as eventually I’ll start to freelance again.

Make-up products I’m loving at the moment:

The foundations I’m in love with at the moment is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless foundation. This is very matte but the coverage is AMAZING and as it says in the name gives you an airbrush look. The shade I wear is 5.5 neutral however, I should’ve picked up warm.

The second foundation I’m loving at the moment is the Nars Radiant Long Wear foundation. I would say this is more of a Demi matte, it gives a medium- full coverage and gives you a radiant look.

I recently bought the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder and can honestly say I’m not going back. I’d tried my friends for a night out before and was amazed by it. A lot of setting powders I find makes you look cakey or are quite dusty and my under eyes just end up creasing which is not a good look!

I’m also really into liquid blushers and highlighters at the moment. I bought the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand in the shade Pinkgasm. The good thing about this is it also highlights your cheekbones so you wouldn’t need to necessarily use a highlighter as well as this as it can give you the glow you desire. For my birthday, I was gifted the ICONIC London’s illuminator in the original shade. This is perfect for a glowy, bronze summer look.

The last products I’m going to recommend before I babble on even more about makeup and bore you all is the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Volume 2 palette. I have only used this a couple of times so far but the range of colours are wide and there’s lots of looks you can create from the palette. I love how there’s lots of matte shades to choose from and the shimmer shades are lovely too.

My second favourite is the Beauty Bay Me, Myself and Mmmitchell palette. The pigmentation in this is INSANE. I love the design of the case and how it folds into a little book and comes with a mirror inside so you can take it on the go if you wanted to. The names of the shades are also really cool.

Skincare products I’m loving at the moment:

So my favourite product at the moment (and has been for a while) is The Bodyshop’s liquid peel. I have the Vitamin C one which helps to brighten the skin but there is also a Drops of Youth one for mature or sensitive skin and a Drops of light which is for uneven skin tone. The Liquid Peels are essentially a gentle exfoliator. To use this I recommend cleansing your face beforehand and make sure it’s dry after. Dispense 1-2 pumps onto your fingertips and massage the gel formula into your skin (avoiding eyes) and watch the magic happen as it picks up your dead skin cells. You’ll be shocked to see how much comes off!! This can stick to peach fuzz but if you get a Muslin cloth with warm water and wipe it off it’ll come off. This also lifts impurities and pollutants from the skin leaving you with a fresh, healthy glow. I like to use a face mask after as the dead skins gone and it can really cleanse your pores. The liquid peel is also really good for the feet or other dry areas of your body! Huda Kattan (what you might know her as Huda Beauty) on Instagram recently launched her own skincare range called wishful skin and she has made something similar called the Yo Glow enzyme scrub. I have tried a sample of this and it is good but quite pricey The Bodyshop’s liquid peel is about half the price of this one.

In the summer, I prefer gel moisturisers or ones with an SPF in to heavier creams. The ones I’m currently using are the Bodyshops Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser and the SPF I’m using is the The Bodyshops SPF 50 Skin Defence. It’s really important to still apply an SPF underneath makeup or opt for a foundation which has an SPF in it as the sun can cause premature ageing and leave nasty pigmentation spots on the skin or even worst skin cancer!

Recently I’ve been trying a few products from The Ordinary. These include Niamicide 10% + Zinc 1% and Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%. I’ve been using these to try and help clear the congestion from my skin and so far, so good. I also bought the Caffeine solution 5% which I use under my eyes. This helps with dark circles and tired eyes.

The cleansers I use are the Bodyshop’s camomile cleansing butter and vitamin e cream wash. It’s important to double cleanse- especially if you’re wearing an spf or makeup. The reason being is if you’re not using one before your main favourite then the product won’t be able to do the job properly. If you’re finding you have makeup on your cotton pads when using your toner after cleansing then you definitely need to double cleanse! The camomile cleansing butter literally melts the makeup away so it’s a lot quicker to remove makeup compared to using a wipe or micellar water.