Guest Blog: Luke Heywood

Hello I'm Luke. I'm 28 and live in the rolling hills of Shropshire. Before corona I was a Visual Merchandiser for Marks and Spencers. A visual merchandiser is someone who dresses mannequins, store windows, store displays and works on the layout of shop floors. I really enjoy my job as it's never the same thing every day. I get to be creative with what I do as well as inspire people to maybe see an outfit in a different light. One of the most rewarding things about my job is seeing someone buy an outfit you've styled on a mannequin. Knowing that she has the confidence to wear something like that. Another thing I love doing is helping people put outfits together, as we are good at styling we get asked a lot to help customers. I love helping customers create that perfect look that makes them feel confident and ready to rule the world.

Fashion for me has always been at my heart, it’s been a way of expressing who I am without having to say very much.  Raiding my Grandad’s wardrobe when I was 14 was where it started. Whilst raiding the wardrobe I found an oversized Aran knit jumper and I instantly fell in love. Since then my fashion love has fallen deeper and spans over many platforms and websites.

I have always been a creative person. Once I left school, I really felt my love for fashion grow stronger. I had shook off the bullies from school and it was time to showcase to the world who I was through the love of my clothes. Whilst doing this my friends told me that I had a really good eye for fashion. I started a lookbook profile and was getting a lot of interaction from it. Lots of people kept telling me to start a fashion blog. However, I was suppressed by an ex-telling me that he hated my fashion, that I was way too gay and he didn't like the fashion I wore. Needless to say, we didn't last. After he broke up with me I was so lost and so down. I needed something to focus all my attention and efforts into, alas this was where my fashion blog and Instagram started.

Though a Visual Merchandiser has been my real job for 6 years also, I really love being a part of the blogging world. Showcasing who you are and inspiring people to try something different, or to inspire them to try to find who they truly are is something that I really love doing. When it comes to showcasing my personal style I take 98% of my own photographs. I use a tripod and a shutter button that's connected to my camera to capture my outfits. A lot of my photographs on Instagram are very conceptual and I love taking photos that tell a story. Catching the essence of a story in a photo is so important to me. I have created so many from Alice in wonderland to floral focus photoshoots. I love how the world of fashion and photography collide and create such perfect imagery.

Fast forward nearly 6 years, my fashion blog and fashion sense have completely evolved into something I really love. My fashion has always been true to who I am. I'm not afraid to express myself through my clothes as for me they are like my armour. I'm a very shy person, so I wear bold and exciting clothes, which allows people to see a little bit of my personality without me having to talk. I always want to inspire people to go further with their clothes, don't ask for people's opinions on things. If you like it, then buy it and wear the hell out of it. As the great Anna Wintour says " Create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others"