Freelance Services!


That I will be offering freelance services! As you should be aware I have been running this blog for 5 years now, not this particular blog but my own blog name and have written for magazines and have created my own magazines too. I have a passion for writing and would love to create written content for brands, this can include but is not inclusive to blog posts, articles for websites or magazines, news articles, social media bios or post captions etc. I studied English Language at A level and really loved the subject and that's when I realised my love for writing and analysis or writing too, this is great if you need help just editing your work or to see where you're going wrong in your writing. You can see examples of my writing through this blog.

In addition to writing I will also be offering freelance illustration services, I would love to get into fashion but I do know portraits are very popular at the moment and are great for being used as profile pictures for Instagram or even just as your phone wallpapers or it can be used in your Instagram feed to add something a little different and give your account creative flare! Here are some examples of my work. Prices will be different dependent on what you would like!

The final freelance service I will be offering is social media content creation and data analytics analysis. This is something which I have had some experience with, through university but also tracking my own traffic for this blog! For example, we can use Google Analytics to track your traffic to your website, and we can see how many people click on your site but don't purchase. We can come up with all the possibilities why you didn't make a purchase and work with that, starting with content creation and social media and going from there. It may be prices etc need to be lowered or some discounts need to be out there for students to entice them to make a purchase, either way data analytics is important and I will be using a variety of tools to analyse data traffic to retailing websites. Prices will be different depending on the size and scale of the brand and how in depth you'd like to analyse your data.