Bobby Abley A/W21 Spoiler?

Okay - some of you may not know who Bobby Abley is - if you're knew to reading this he is a London Fashion Week designer and is one of the first designers I clocked onto when starting blogging back in 2015 - I was completely drawn to his Disney Ursula 2 piece and still want it to this day!! I actually met him in 2016 when I went for an interview for an internship.

Anyway, more recently he had a minions collection (SS20) and a minions capsule collection with Primark - this collection was exclusive only to a few stores and when I worked there I was lucky enough to plan and merchandise this collaboration!

So - I saw that Abley posted this on instagram a few days ago - reminiscing on past collections with Disney.

As you may know - Disney has recently acquired Marvel (well it has been a while now but it was fairly recently). If you have been following me on Instagram I have been obsessed with the first MCU television series to Disney Plus - Wandavision. When seeing Bobby's image come up on Explore I went on to view his profile and noticed this image on his story:

I'm not sure if A/W21 might be a bit late for this collaboration - if I am even right of course. Where she has only really just been introduced as one of the main avengers going forward, I think by the time it's able to shop people may be over the series. Unless it is just a small collaboration coming out soon. This could also be to hype the release of Doctor Strange 2, which Scarlet Witch will be a huge part of. Here is the SS15 Collection in collaboration with Disney and inspiration from the Little Mermaid.

Anyway - this was just my thought as I thought it may be a little spoiler for us on his story - he may just be showing his love for comics or the series though - I do think it is a hint towards the direction he is going by also giving new followers the awareness of his previous Disney collaborations.

Hope you find this interesting!