Bicester Village Windows

Hey Guys!

It's been a while I have been on my blog, I have been experimenting with other mediums like Youtube, IGTV's and Instagram reels the past few weeks which take up a bit of time. I also have been working - with the current situation with lockdown 2, Primark has been super busy so when I finish my shift I end up going to bed lol.

A few weeks ago I went to Bicester Village again for my birthday. I thought I would share some of the images I got from there including some window displays. As a visual merchandiser I love looking at other stores VM and visual presence in the hughstreet and it is really important to anyone interested in fashion really. Windows give a huge direction to what is trending right now and what isn't. Some companies give daily updates for window displays, when I completed my work placement at House of Fraser a few years back, we launched a window on the Monday and the next day we had snow forecasts, and they had sent a guide down to add coats onto the mannequins in the window and layer them up. It may sound really basic and obvious but it is important as someone could see the coat, and in their head remember the weather forecast (or posts from social media about bad weather) and this could lead to footfall, and perhaps a sale.

As I have said before on my blog posts - trends trickle down from high end fashion shows, so there may be repetition in windows and product mix in stores. Usually some brands do some creative flare from the runway or a basic version so it's not a complete copy.

So here are some of the pictures I got of some of the stores in Bicester Village. If you haven't been to Bicester Village it is an outlet store mainly formed of designer fashion outlets like Acne Studios and Fendi with some of the higher end high-street chains like Tommy Hilfiger and Juicy Couture.


I love the Loewe store it is aesthetically pleasing and really creative. I took photos of the artwork inshore hoping to use it in my instagram feed.


Lacoste promotes a casual window, perhaps getting people in the routine of going out (this was a few weeks before the announcement of lockdown 2).

Manolo Blahnik

Michael Kors


This is the outfit I wore to Bicester Village, 100% sporting minimalist vibes.

Top - Zara

Shirt - Collusion Studios

Jeans - Bershka

Boots - Bershka

Bag - Acne Studios