Are we still using Pinterest?

Pinterest is an app that I have never really got on with, whenever I try and source images from Pinterest I find myself always getting low-quality images with no specific source. On the contrary, I was inspired by one of my besties (Kelsey, who runs Catching Creatives) to start using it as a social media platform and where I can source inspiration from, and I have. Here is the post which inspired me to get back on Pinterest, look at all of those benefits!!

As you may be aware, having a seamless presence across all social platforms is the best way to be, as a brand and if you are using social media for personal use. I have created a few boards now, some aspirational products like some trainers and bags which I would LOVE to buy, and then some inspirational styles I would like to achieve, and it is a really good place to find these as I feel like Pinterest is still widely used as an Inspirational Hub. Follow me on Pinterest! Let's source some inspiration together

I'll be writing a new post on social media and which social platforms you should be prioritising and which ones you need to be spending less time on.