A lil' Magazine List You Should Read

These are my favourite fashion Magazines which I think you should definitely be reading if you're into fashion & culture like I am!

1. Dazed Magazine

Dazed and Confused focuses on a Cultural Approach towards Fashion, Beauty, Music, Film and so many more industries, it is and will forever be one of my favourite publications, they recently released a FREE online issue for during the Pandemic.

2. Wonderland Magazine

I love Wonderland Magazine. It can be seen as similar to Dazed magazine but I feel it offers a different perspective.

3. LoverBoy Magazine

Shout out to my Gayboys out there! This one is for you. Loverboy Magazine is a niche Gay Magazine discussing fashion and culture for the LGBTQ Community, I really love it.

4. Stylist

When we all go back to work and are scrambling onto a tube to get the first train home, you definitely need to pick up an issue of Stylist Magazine! Although mainly aimed at women, it is a great read and keeps you up to date with most relevant fashion information.

5. Vogue

Vogue is a funny one for me, I love the content and the imagery because they are super aesthetic, but I just can never relate to the content like I'm obviously not the target audience for Vogue, so it inspires me to be creative but it doesn't inspire me to dress up etc. I also love a Vogue from another country, when I was in Paris on the way home I picked up a Vogue Spain (idk why, I was in France but I liked the look of it) and you can really see the difference and sometimes I prefer that, it gives you new and fresh ideas.

6. Beauty Papers

I first found out about Beauty Papers Magazine when I was searching for a nice, aesthetic magazine to add to my Bestfriend Maria's 21st Birthday basket and realised that Dazed Beauty haven't released a new physical magazine in a long time! It is really cool, they recently collaborated with Harry Styles and Tim Walker (I have a post on the Tim Walker exhibition on my previous Blog which I can recycle onto this one if anyone likes, you can find my previous blog linked to this account anyway). It doesn't discuss beauty in a conventional way at all, which is why I thought it was such a cool magazine.

7. Dazed Beauty

Dazed Beauty is a separate publication from Dazed, I suppose you could call it a sister publication. Like Beauty Papers Magazine, it doesn't discuss beauty in a conventional way. They both discuss similar topics but I find the content is vastly different and at any one time they aren't discussing the same topics. Dazed Beauty recently launched a pop-up at Selfridges in London, I really really hope it is still there / extended post-lockdown as I love the publications so much!

Let me know if you like this post, or if you decide to read any of these publications!