90's Fashion Inspo: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

OMG Guys!

I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer FINALLY - I finished Season One last night on Amazon Prime and I'm just obsessed. Obviously, it started in 1997 so the graphics aren't anywhere near The Vampire Diaries but I kinda like that. It takes me back to my younger days when graphics and green screens weren't the main part of a television series or a film. The special effects makeup is really good though, you can tell a lot of thought went into this!

The one thing I loved about the show was the fact that at the beginning Buffy was taken under the wing of the 'popular girl' you know the horrible girl that is in every American TV show.. but she actually befriends the geeks which the girl always dismisses. She still doesn't lose her sense of style however, which she needed to prove to the bully. Lets go into detail shall we. Here's a little moodboard I created so you can visualise Buffy's style and the late 90's era.


Buffy loves a pair of Sunglasses and I have definitely seen similar styles recently!

Leopard Print

Stylish Buffy usually accents leopard print outfits often in crushed velvet. Leopard print has since come back and been a statement piece. In mens and womens wardrobes.

Flannel Shirts

Buffy styles flannels as most of the 90's kids did, over a t-shirt or vest top. Oversized flannels are currently trending because of their cosiness. They are also trendy and great for layering, as Buffy does throughout the series to create a chic and casual looks, pictured below.


Throughout the series Buffy styles leather with her outfits, this sometimes gives the masculine edge to her outfits which relates to her Vampire-Slaying alter ego. This is controversial however, due to her usual girly attire, which makes the series more interesting for a fashionista's eye.


The miniskirt was born in the 60's and we can credit Mary Quant for it's popularity. In the 90's, skirts became a popular garment to wear in the workplace, which is probably why Buffy can be seen wearing them throughout her time at school.


Like the miniskirt, Buffy likes to wear shirt dresses with knee high boots. She occasionally wears longer dresses. When wearing dresses she usually wears them on their own or styled with a single jacket.

Beauty & Hair

Buffy's hair is also part of her appearance constantly changing and updating. Usually Buddy has hair hair hard up, half down with bangs. You can see here her 'microbangs' and her use of hair accessories are extensive throughout the show. Her makeup regime is also minimal, as you can see in the look with her pastel eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will do a separate post for Xander's style in the show promoting the menswear late 90's trends - which have been a huge influence on 2020's style.